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Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

It seems weight loss has become such a severe issue that discussed in international conferences, and it is nothing but the hype to sell more products to people. Many people around us are continuously struggling with their weight issue, but somehow, they fell to achieve their target.

Somehow these marketing companies have become successful in convincing people that weight loss is only possible if we buy their products. But many of us who fail to lose their excess body weight because we get convinced with marketing.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Today we will try to answer this highly popular question asked by millions of people.

1) Body & Mind Restriction – Living sedentary lifestyle requires good cardiovascular health and shaped body. But as soon as people realize their grown weight, they suddenly start behaving like an athlete or pro body bodybuilder. Immediately their entire routine is planned, and their body & mind is in the trap of restrictions. We cannot live with such limitation, and soon we get back to weight gain mode.

2) Excuses – In many of our articles, we have been discussing these significant phenomena, i.e., Excuses. Many people excuse their tight schedule, physical weakness. We must insist you in their article take one step, and the rest of the task happens automatically.

3) Changing Food Items – When we consult any dietician, he/she suggest you some different imported food items other than your local food. A sudden change in a food item not advised because one must fall sick because of this. Just consume less and burn more is the key to weight loss, and if you closely understand this weight loss will not be an issue for you.

4) Wrong Workout – Our workout also has to be according to our current physical status. Our hunger to lose weight force us to choose the wrong type of workout patterns, and also it forces us to live more weight than our capacity. Workout statistic should be improved gradually, not sudden.

If we sit to analyze various reasons that prevent weight loss from happening, then we need to release serious articles. But ultimately one understands own body than any other. Just love your body & try to impress it more.



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